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Most of the tattoo shops we talk to are already making about 50% of their revenue from coverups. There are millions of people that would like to change or improve their body art. Tatt2Away gives your artists the freedom to create the best possible art in their coverups by disrupting the pattern of the old ink. Often, there's no need to perform a full removal. By removing one third or one half of the old tattoo, enough surface is freed up for new work that artists can create stunning results. Your artists can finally break free of the old "larger and darker" coverup restrictions.

Shops with an already-successful tattoo business, a healthy clientele, and multiple artists and piercers will have the easiest time qualifying for the Tatt2Away system. Just like when you started your own business as a tattoo artist, success with removals won't happen overnight. The studios that make the most money as a Tatt2Away center are able to dedicate people to train as removal technicians, as well as include their new removal services in the marketing they are doing already.

Mistakes in ink no longer have to be permanent! Your customers and repeat clients can get that unwanted tattoo modified or completely removed to make room for what they want today without having to settle for less. Don't let the past designs, amateur tattooist, or long-gone fad rule the state of your art today. Your client can pinpoint exactly where the change is wanted and you as a studio can be the answer for all of their tattooing needs.

As an artist, you don't have to go bigger or darker to disrupt the pattern on the skin. You can eliminate those portions of the unwanted tattoo that don't work for the new design by the exact dimensions you choose. Through Tatt2Away® and the DESCoverup™ process you can "erase" the skin canvas and then place your masterpiece in ink and pigment as you and your client desire.

This next evolution of the tattoo industry is not only a technical revolution, but for those who want a tattoo, to change up a tattoo, get a cover-up and/or completely remove a past tattoo your offerings may likely be their deciding factor in doing business with you. The competitive advantage is enormous because if you are the first in your market, you are leading the way to increasing your business share and setting a new standard in your community.

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I'm a researcher by nature, and I was confident after calling some other artists that were successfully using Tatt2Away and seeing their results. Tatt2Away has revolutionized removal.

Jared Preslar

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

For a tattoo shop to offer Tatt2Away, which has previously only been offered in doctor's offices or medi-spas, we underwent an inspection process and in-depth training so we can offer you a safe, comfortable, and positive tattoo removal experience.

Kat Williams

Black Lotus Tattoo Removal

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