Commitment and Dedication

As the leader** in escharotic tattoo removal, we at Tatt2Away® are dedicated to bringing to you directly in the tattoo industry the highest standards in removals; to set in the public's view the correct information and the most effective methods of the natural elimination of the unwanted ink and pigment into the marketplace. Tatt2Away utilizes a "trans-epidermal pigment release" (TEPR) system for treatment of unwanted tattoos which allows the ink to be released from the dermal layers of skin, preserving the dermis forming an ink scab as both ink and pigment are extracted from the body.

By using these standards and highly effective methods and processes of removal and tattoo modification, we have built the wholly sought-for membership available at Tatt2Away. Every component needed for success is covered in this membership from growing your revenue with cutting edge innovations to being a market leader for tattooing in your network and community. Our main goal has and always will be to increase the numbers coming through your doors for new tattoos, and additions to tattoos, as well as cover ups with the Reduce to Cover™ DEScoverup™ process. We are dedicated to doing that with you.

It is now estimated that about 65 million Americans have at least one tattoo on their body, with over 11 million seeking removal or modification. Tatt2away's natural methods and processes avoid the potential health risks that come with laser removal, while addressing the non-laser needs of the tattoo studio and its customers.

The time is right and the opportunity is now for your studio! Once you've qualified and become a Tatt2Away Studio Center Charter member, and receive all the powerful and extensive support in fully bringing this revolutionary innovation to your customers and repeat clients.


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