Yes, You Read That Right, You Now Can Do More Than Just a Cover up!

When a customer comes in with the saddest or craziest of stories on how he or she got that now unwanted tattoo, and how they would like to get rid of it.

Now through the DEScoverup™  process, you can take an entire tattoo or a portion of it and remove only what your customer wants to "erase".

No Longer in a Doctor's Office


You can offer that cover up as do everyone else in the industry only... or as a Tatt2Away Studio Center you can offer the DESCoverup™, Selectively removing and modifying the desired tattoo on your customers.

This next evolution in tattoo cover ups, the 3.0 of the tattoo removal and cover up industries is now available by utilizing the D-Disruptive, E-Escharotic S-Selective Cover up process, where selective pattern DESruption is used to replace the industry norms of adding larger patterns and more ink and pigment to what was there previously.

DESCoverup gives you the tattoo artist and owner more freedom to apply your best art and gives the customers more options to express their selves by discovering their body art choices. Modify the tattoo and have the DESCoverup way of eliminating what was there before.

Take a Look at the Income Stream

A $1 Billion Industry

Tattoo Studios can have cover ups make the majority of the income that may come through the doors. It is estimated to be a $1 Billion industry. Besides doing the tattoos there isn't much more a studio can do to add more incomes streams to their business mix, the options for more cash influx can be limited.

With DESCoverup™ You Can:

  • Offer a unique tattoo cover up option that no other studio in your area can
  • Help your customers get over their tattoo regret
  • Add new revenues to your business as well as bring in new customers
  • Position your studio as the cutting edge studio with the newest techniques

Find Out if there is a Tatt2Away Center already in your area and how you can become that Studio who DESCoverups!

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