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The human eye is extremely good at locating patterns. This is why traditional coverups often require clever planning from a talented artist to hide the old tattoo in the details of the new work.

Tatt2Away® allows you to disrupt the underlying patterns, giving you more freedom in designing the new artwork.

This classic example comes from Black Lotus Tattoo of Hanover, MD. This customer came into the shop with dark script on his arm. The script is not particularly thick, but the black ink was in the way of the design that his artist wanted to do.

They chose to use two sessions of Tatt2Away to remove about half of the old script. The treatment process takes a few months, but it was worth it to get the art he really wanted.

Empower your studio to create advanced coverups using the patented DEScoverup™ process.

Traditional coverups have to go larger and darker to mask the old ink. Eliminate those restrictions with Tatt2Away.

I'm a researcher by nature, and I was confident after calling some other artists that were successfully using Tatt2Away and seeing their results. Tatt2Away has revolutionized removal.

Jared Preslar

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

For a tattoo shop to offer Tatt2Away, which has previously only been offered in doctor's offices or medi-spas, we underwent an inspection process and in-depth training so we can offer you a safe, comfortable, and positive tattoo removal experience.

Kat Williams

Black Lotus Tattoo Removal

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Tatt2Away® combines the ability to offer the best service for your customers, with the best art for your artists and the best business practice for your studio. It generates:


Tatt2Away uses escharotic ink removal to pull old pigment out of the skin. This method is the opposite of laser removal, which pushes the ink deeper into the body. You can tattoo directly over top of Tatt2Away treatments, where the skin will be fresh and pigment-free.



In most coverups, some of the old ink isn't a problem. Maybe you're planning a dark section that will easily mask the old linework. But maybe you want to use negative space or lighter colors to give your client exactly what they're looking for. Tatt2Away can be used selectively, only removing the ink you don't want anymore. Parts of the old tattoo can be preserved, and you can choose to remove just the ink you want out of your way.

The black and grey samurai design they chose uses negative space to create the katana blade. This would have been impossible without removing the script that was in the way.

By disrupting the pattern of the old script, the artist was also free to create the fine detail you can see here without worrying about masking the old ink with a heavy-handed approach and a lot of dark new pigment.